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Work-Based Learning - Fall 2018 is a Course

Work-Based Learning - Fall 2018

Ended Oct 24, 2018
1 credit


Full course description

Full course description

Course Dates:
October 24, 2018


1 day plus homework





Course Type:



This course satisfies the ADE requirement for the Cooperative Education Endorsement. 

Create meaningful work-based learning experiences for your students! This course will provide teachers with a variety of models that provide academic and professional growth opportunities for students. You will review workplace employability skills, youth labor laws and the associated forms, agreements, and guidelines that must be taken into consideration. After selecting the model that is most appropriate for your situation, develop a plan to implement this critical CTE component into your curriculum.


-Define work-based learning
h3> -Analyze the different types of work-based learning programs
-Identify the benefits of work-based learning for students, employers, school and communities
-Identify and describe Arizona workplace employability skills
-Identify appropriate roles of the school, employer, student and parent/guardian
-Identify the components of a work-based learning program
-Identify and analyze work-based learning data
-Identify state and federal youth labor laws and regulations
-Identify legal and ethical concerns associated with implementing work-based learning and appropriate strategies to address these concerns
-Analyze marketing strategies for garnering support and nurturing relationships with employers and community organizations

>Course Instructors:               Curt Bertelsen & Stacey Rich

Curt Bertelsen is the Director of Professional Development for Pima JTED.  He received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Arizona.  He counts himself blessed to have been able to teach Agriculture at Flowing Wells High School for 23 years.  He has been a part of an amazing team   of professionals that has developed the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium and Premier Program Series,  both  have grown into   statewide efforts. He loves working with new teachers and seeing   them grow into amazing professional educators.   He and his wife, Ann, are parents to three   wonderful adult children and an awesome son-in-law.  His dog, Daisy, likes to follow him around as he gardens. Contrary    to nasty rumors, he actually eats his vegetables!  Is dark chocolate technically a vegetable??

Stacey Rich is the Director of Career and Academic Services for Pima JTED.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Education and Biology from the University of Arizona and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.  She holds Master's Certificates in Project Management and Human Resources Management.  She taught high school with Curt Bertelsen for 6 years before moving to Olympic College in Washington State for 5 years.  After 11 years working in education she transitioned into the business sector working in blood banking for the American Red Cross as the National Director of Training Delivery for 9 years before returning to education at Pima JTED.  Stacey has a passion for CTE and loves to help people to reach their career goals 


Pima County JTED @ Master Pieces
2855 W. Master Pieces Dr. 
Building 1 - PD Classroom
Tucson, AZ  85741


8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (half hour lunch)

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