Full course description

Full course description

Course Dates:

Feb 7-8, 2018


2 days





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Enhance your classroom management skills. You will identify and develop procedures and routines that are perfect for YOUR situation. We will take a deep look at the philosophy of “Discipline with Dignity” to ensure that you possess discipline strategies that are highly effective without escalating disruptive student behavior.  You will leave this course having developed your procedures, routines, classroom rules and consequences.


·         Define classroom management

·         Identify the purpose of effective classroom management

·         Explain why a well-planned, meaningful and engaging lesson is the single best classroom management strategy

·         Analyze the difference between rules and procedures

·         Compile a list of parts of a well-planned lesson

·         Identify the benefits of clearly established rules and procedures

·         Identify characteristics of effective rules

·         Develop a list of rules to use in the classroom

·         Describe potential procedures for classroom and lab

·         Review the steps to teach rules and procedures

·         Identify the benefits of spending class time to teach rules and procedures

·         Identify key components of a syllabus

·         Create a syllabus to include classroom and lab information

·         Analyze characteristics of an effective classroom climate

·         Identify best practices for maintaining a positive classroom environment

·         Develop and deliver effective parent communication

·         Define With-it-ness

·         Identify characteristics of an effective teacher-manager

·         Create a comprehensive classroom management plan

·         Evaluate the difference between Classroom Management and Discipline

·         Analyze Discipline with Dignity Philosophy

·         Utilize student management and organizational techniques

·         Identify strategies learned in this course to differentiate instruction for students

Course Instructors

Mr. Curt Bertelsen is a Pima County JTED fully accredited teacher in Tucson, Arizona. Curt started his career an Agricultural Science teacher in 1985 and has been devoted in helping shape education ever since."