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Scope and Sequence - Spring 2019 is a Course

Scope and Sequence - Spring 2019

Ended Apr 19, 2019
1 credit


Full course description

Full course description

Course Dates:

April 18-19, 25019


2 days





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Developing a scope and sequence is an important first step in delivering an effective CTE program! In this hands-on course, CTE teachers will have an opportunity to look at the overall scope of their program to identify what students need to know and be able to do in order to meet industry demands.  You will examine your program standards and design a sequence of instructional units to assist you in getting students where they need to be.  The final product?  A scope and sequence that is designed specifically for your program by you!


-Define scope, sequence, rigor, pacing, and task analysis
-Calculate the number of hours you have available for formal instruction and laboratory instruction over the course of your program
-Identify factors to consider when starting to process of creating a Scope and Sequence
-Compare and contrast Technical Standards with Industry Certification requirements
-Evaluate the level of rigor of your Technical Standards and make appropriate modifications to the level of rigor
-Analyze the Technical Standards for your CTE program
-Identify the Workplace Employability Skills Standards essential to your program
-Identify the Academic Standards essential to your program
-Identify Local Standards essential to your program
-Develop a Course Sequence
-Determine Pacing
-Task analyze a measurement criterion
-Make adjustments and revisions in order to produce a completed Scope and Sequence
-Create final draft of Scope and Sequence

Course Instructors

Curt Bertelsen is the Director of Professional Development for Pima JTED.  He received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Arizona.  He counts himself blessed to have been able to teach Agriculture at Flowing Wells High School for 23 years. He has been a part of an amazing team of professionals that has developed the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium and Premier Program Series, both have grown into statewide efforts. He loves working with new teachers and seeing them grow into amazing professional educators. He and his wife, Ann, are parents to three wonderful adult children and an awesome son-in-law. His dog, Daisy, likes to follow him around as he gardens. Contrary to nasty rumors, he actually eats his vegetables!  Is dark chocolate technically a vegetable??

Location & Time:

Pima County JTED @ Master Pieces
2855 W. Master Pieces Dr. 
Building 1 - PD Classroom
Tucson, AZ  85741

Time:  8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. each day (half hour lunch)

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