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Basic Instructional Technology in CTE for PC Users is a Course

Basic Instructional Technology in CTE for PC Users

Ended Jul 18, 2018
1 credit


Full course description

Full course description

Course Dates:

July 18, 2018


1 day + homework for ADE Credit




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Terminology and file extensions? Wireless connections, the organization of files and folders, saving, virus protection, opening attachments, computer connections? Oh my!  This course covers a wide variety of topics relating to the use of technology in an educational environment. Learn how to describe hardware and software problems using the correct terminology and assist students with using and caring for technology equipment. Explore strategies for improving your communication with students and parents via email, newsletters, websites and social media apps. Review professional netiquette and the incorporation of programs/apps such as Easy Bib, Google Hangouts and Docs to engage learners and model appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Engage with the newly redesigned Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium Wiki and other online resources including: ADE website, NOCTI, Explore websites that are frequently used at JTED: The CTE Wiki, CTSOs, AESOP, JOLT, CNA Skills, Pima JTED.


-Review the basic operations of a computer and tablet
-Distinguish between different file extensions
-Identify computer connections, hardware, software
-Compare hardware and software problems
-Establish wireless connections
-Connect to printers
-Organize files and folders effectively
-Send and open email and attachments
-Detect possibly malicious emails
-Monitor virus protection status
-Direct CTE students in use and care of desktops, laptops and tablets  in the classroom and/or lab
-Create classroom and lab technology etiquette procedures
-Review your district’s technology use agreement and/or policy for the classroom
-Identify fair-use policies and the use of copyrighted materials
-Discuss effective and appropriate use of webcams, cameras, and other recording devices
-Identify best practices for using recorded video (e.g. YouTube, DVDs, etc.)
-Access Wiki lessons, scope and sequence, curriculum guides, templates, resources, strategies, and employability skill lessons
-Modify PowerPoint presentations
-Explore CTE websites and resources


Course Instructor

Mr. Alfred Martinez is the Pima County JTED Network & Systems Administrator in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Martinez oversees many of the day-to-day network operations for the district and delivers amazing technology development workshops. 

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