Full course description

Assessing and grading are two different actions. Learn a variety of formative and summative assessment techniques. A major focus is how to assess student work using rubrics. 
When done well, assessing student work can:
Provide feedback to instructors on their students’ learning
Provide feedback to students on their own learning
Provide a means of communicating to students, parents, post-secondary schools, and future employers about a student’s performance in their CTE class and potential for further success
Be a source of motivation to students
In this course you will develop your own philosophy of grading and will wrestle with issues such as:
Why we grade student work
What we should grade
How many points an assignment should be worth
How many points should be earned in a grading period
Allowing redo’s.  Requiring redo’s.
Make-up work.  Amnesty Days.
Extra Credit
What grading scales can be used
Who can grade student work
Weighted Grades and Grading on a Curve