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Introduction to the Philosophy of CTE. The CTE Delivery Model, The Premier JTED Program, Classroom Instruction, Student Engagement, Classroom Management, Procedures, Discipline with Dignity, and Twelve Elements of a CTE Program.

The Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education program allows you to enroll and fulfill the following courses. Instructional Best Practices, Classroom Management and 12 elements of a CTE program.

Note: This is a multi-course program spanning 5 days

***If you are looking to enroll in multiple terms Fall, Spring, or Summer please email: MAndrade@pimajted.org***


This is a one day, designed for CTSO officer teams and advisers. This workshop covers those skills associated with conducting meeting including parliamentary procedure, agenda development and giving effective reports. Participating teams receive lunch and resource materials.

Course Instructors

Mr. Curt Bertelsen is a Pima County JTED fully accredited teacher in Tucson, Arizona. Curt started his career an Agricultural Science teacher in 1985 and has been devoted in helping shape education ever since."